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I am TRISHULA and I'm passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga to reduce stress, improve strength, flexibility and health. My specialities include Restorative Yoga, Therapeutic yoga, Prenatal and Mama Baby Yoga and Yoga Nidra.
My personal practice spans nearly 40 years. Born and raised in Australia, lived a while in London and moved to Sweden where I’ve been teaching yoga full time for the last 12 years.

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restorative yoga

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Deluxe Restorative with Hot Stones

Give yourself this gift of time for yourself

Take a journey through layers of stress held in the body and mind with this immersion where long-held supported Restorative yoga poses activate the parasympathetic nervous system to decrease anxiety.

  • Warm stones and sandbags, strategically placed, help relieve muscle tension giving a spa feeling.
  • Yoga Nidra, like a red thread, is weaved through this immersion.
  • Gentle asana practice to stretch and open the body aiding deeper relaxation in the restorative positions.

Allow Trishula to care for you while learning tools to regulate your nervous system for relaxation and stress reduction

ÖRBYHUS - Studio LysCraft

12:00 - 14:30, 2.5 hours, 400:-. Book here.  Studio LysCraft, Skolvägen 2, Örbyhus

SPECIAL OFFER ÖRBYHUS: Book all three dates for 1 000:- (you save 200:-)

UPPSALA - Shen Dao Hälsocenter

 13:30 - 16:30 3 hours 500:- Book here Shen Dao Hälsocenter , Vretgränd 16, 753 22 Uppsala

SPECIAL OFFER UPPSALA: Book all three dates for 1 200:- (you save 300:-)

STOCKHOLM - Yoga Folks 

19:00 - 21:00, 2 timmar, 400:-. Book here.  Yoga Folks, Åsögatan 166, 116 32 Stockholm

STOCKHOLM - Smogen Spa 

11:00- 13:30, 2 timmar, 549:-. Book here  Smogen Spa,  47-49, Döbelnsgatan



Yoga to ease menopause
- Örbyhus

Perimenopause is a period of transition for your body. Many women experience symptoms like irregular or heavy periods, hot flashes, anxiety and depression and more, due to changes in hormones. 

Many women have found that yoga, including restorative and supportive poses, can ameliorate the undesirable side effects of menopause.

Stay tuned for more information about dates and booking!




Saturdays  10:00-10:45
21 October,
18 November, 16 December,
V37, 42, 46, 50 - 3 times
Studio LysCraft, Örbyhus

Kid Yoga is about having fun with your children! Yoga help to develop strength, flexibility, and coordination while building self-esteem and self-awareness. Expect games, laughter, animal poses, and stories.

2-7 years and parents



Prenatal partner yoga

Join me for prenatal partner yoga which focuses on supporting pregnancy and childbirth.

Connect with your partner and feel supported at the same time. Breath awareness practice and partner yoga poses will help you relax mind and body.

Stay tuned for more information about dates and booking!


yoga therapy

Yoga has been practised therapeutically for thousands of years. More recently, yoga theraphy has emerged as a field of its own, accessible to everyone as it is tailored to individual needs. Unlike a yoga PT session, where the focus often is on improving an asana practice, yoga therapy looks at the individual as a whole, including lifestyle, stress management and adapting the practice to suit the practioner.

Under the umbrella of yoga therapy, you find ayurveda (holistic perspective), pranayama (breathwork), tools and techniques for better sleep, pain management, injury recovery and methods for other health conditions.


Vrksasana (Tree pose) is a balancing challenge.

Balance is about concentration and we need to train our balance throughout our lives.

Pose in focus

Start with the classic variation of Vrksasana, check the foundation and work your way up. Does your foot have good contact with the floor? Are the hips level? 

The raised foot can be resting over the ankle, below or above the knee. Are the hips still level?

Hands together in prayer position in front of the chest help to find the middle line. Press hands together, glide the hands up and over the head, take some space between the hand and notice what difference that makes.

Now play with variations:

Change your foundation - stand on a cushion, or even a bolster, to strengthen ankles and knees. Notice how hard the supporting leg is working, great for the gluteus medius. Try closing one eye, open, breathe, then close the other, open, breathe, try closing both eyes.

Return to Tadasana (Mountain pose) with grace and control.



In these classes, we aim for deeper relaxation to rebuild body and mind. We use bolsters and blankets to hold positions 3-10 minutes, giving the nervous system time to relax. Might at first be challenging, especially in times where intense work life is glorified, but in time you will reap the benefits.

All levels welcome, no experience is needed

Thursdays 19:15 - 20:30. V34-50 (ej 40, 41 44)
24 August - 14 December  (excl. 5/10, 12/10, 2/11)


Pranayama and breath-centered practice that combines functional mobility, integrated stability, and sound alignment of the body.

All levels welcome, no experience needed.

Practice adapted to class participants.

Tuesdays 10:00 - 11:15
22 August - 12 December (excl. 3/10, 10/10, 31/10)

V34-50 (ej 40, 41 44)


These classes suit everyone, regardless of experience and conditions. Individual needs are met concerning health and experience.

Focus on posture to prepare for home practice.

Restorative Yoga
Thursdays 19:15 - 20:30. V34-50 (ej 40, 41 44)
24 August - 14 December (excl. 5/10, 12/10, 2/11)

Therapeutic Yoga

Tuesdays 10:00 - 11:15
22 August - 12 Dec (excl. 3/10, 10/10, 31/10)

V34-50 (ej 40, 41 44)

LEVEL Beginners-2

Beginners level

Yoga is for everyone. Come discover the combination of physical and mental exercises that for thousands of years have hooked yoga practitioners around the globe. The beauty of yoga is that you don’t have to be a yogi or yogini to reap the benefits. Yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body, regardless of age and body condition

Mondays 19:00 - 20:00.  5 weeks course 28 August - 25 September V35-39 

Level 1

If you want the basics, this is the class for you. Easy to follow instructions and focus on synchronizing breath and movement.

Tuesdays 17:30 - 18:45 22 August - 12 December (excl. 3/10, 10/10, 31/10) V34-50 (ej 40, 41 44)

Wednesday 19:00 - 20:00 23 August - 13 December (excl. 4/10, 11/10, 1/11) V34-50 (ej 40, 41 44)

Level 2

Have the urge to move, stretch and feel your body? This level is for you who want to exercise and balance stress. You will learn how to balance the effects of sitting behind a desk.

Tuesdays  19:15 - 20:3022 August - 12 December (excl. 3/10, 10/10, 31/10) V34-50 (ej 40, 41, 44) 

Thursdays 17:30 - 18:45.24 August - 14 December (excl. 5/10, 12/10, 2/11) V34-50 (ej 40, 41 44)


Pregnancy yoga is about stabilizing and strengthening the body creating room to breathe in a situation where the belly grows and affects balance, muscles and breathing.

Keep your body flexible, boost energy, reduce your stress level and promote relaxation and good sleep.

2023 Course in Stockholm at Yoga Folks

Fridays 15:30 – 16:15
3 November – 1 December
Boka https://yogafolks.se/


Bring your baby to yoga and enjoy a cosy moment together. Diaper change, crying, everything is allowed here. 

With soft movements, breathing and relaxation you strenghten your body at the same time as you get a well needed break in the everyday life of a mother. Babies from 6 week up to crawling.

5 week Course in Stockholm at Yoga Folks

Sep 14 – Oct 19 (not 5th of October)
Thursdays 10.00-11.15


Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation for deep relaxation. A yogic sleep where the body is asleep and the mind awake.

Intended for both body and mind, this experince will relax both your physical and mental tensions.

Lay down comfortably and just listen to my voice.

YOGA helps you live in the moment


Sometimes a group class is the best choice - the atmosphere of the yoga studio and the dynamic of the group give you the reasons to actually get away and do yoga. But at other times you might feel that it would be valuable to get more personal instructions and tips in order to develop and deepen your yoga practice. Then a private session, with just you and the teacher, is the best choice. You can do it on one specific occasion or on a more regular basis for a period of time. You're welcome to contact me and we'll figure out what suits you best.

Props are a yogi's
best friends

Props are tools like blocks, bolsters, blankets, belts, balls and eye pillows. And mats of course, the most common of all props. So common you don't even think about it as a prop. But the mat provides extra cushioning and prevents you from slipping on the floor.

Props are not just for beginners but for all, regardless of age, condition and experience. Simply your best friends during yoga.

You can buy props from me. I have selected props that work and on top of it are beautiful. 

Yoga therapy balls,for instance, they can do wonders for muscle knots and tensions. They are 6,3 cm, manufactured in a special rubber that clings to your skin and impacts several layers of muscles for a deep tissue massage. Colour: purple. Comes in two in a practical mesh bag.

The yoga mat bags are made from 100% cotton and are available in many colours.

The eye pillows are with or without lavender scent.

Make someone happy

Gift card

Gift cards now available. Choose the amount and surprise someone you think would benefit from some yoga. Valid one year.


I've never experienced a yoga class so calming and relaxing for body and mind as those with Trishula. Her experience in vast and she guides her students with the softest voice and gentlest touch. 

Lena B Larsson


Once in a while (4-5 times/year) I will send you information about my upcoming classes and events and also share some insights from my nearly 40 years of practicing yoga. Whether you're a student or a teacher, I hope you'll find something that will enhance your yoga practice.



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