About Trishul

"I think everyone can do yoga and everything is yoga. I encourage home practice and provide tips for yoga at home. I want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable in my classes, no matter where they are at. "


Trishul started her yoga journey move that 30 years ago.

Trishul is a yoga teacher from Australia, living in Uppland since in 2009.

She began teaching yoga in 2004.

Trishul has studied with Guru Pathak in Varanasi, India since 1994.

With Uma Dinsmore-Tulli, she immersed herself in Restorative, Nidra and pregnancy and postnatal yoga.

Then in 2012, she has participated in Neo Satyam Morten Yoga Therapy training at the Urban Om in Stockholm with teachers including Dr. Timothy McCall and UIrika Norberg

In April 2015 she completed KarmaKids teacher training for kids and teenages.

Trishul is certified 500 hour yoga teacher.

Trishul hold yoga classes in Northern Uppland for all levels, offers individual yoga therapy and yoga-at-work. Trishul also teachers at UrbanOm, Yoga and Meditation Centre, Stockholm and Shen Dao Hälsocenter, Uppsala.